Orzo and Bean Salad

A quick salad recipe that will take you 20 minutes, tops, is this favorite of mine: Orzo and Bean Salad.

Perfect for Vegetarians, and an excellent dish for spring and summer barbeques, I've been making this delicious, fresh-tasting salad for years.

The beans and pasta make it filling enough to stand in for main course!


2/3 c. orzo pasta
1 can black beans
1 1/2 c. corn kernels
1 chopped tomato
1/3 c. chopped fresh cilantro
1/4 c. sliced green onions
1 t. grated lime zest
1/3 c. PLUS 1 T. lime juice


Cook pasta until tender (about 10 minutes), then drain and rinse

In a large bowl, mix pasta together with remaining ingredients.

That's it! You'll have a delicious, fresh pasta salad that everyone can enjoy. If you like, serve with mashed avocado (or your homemade guacamole), sour cream and/or tortilla chips!

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